Monday, October 27, 2014

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Sue Hotchkis

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I was born and raised in Hull but spent most of my adult life in Manchester. I had my first sewing machine at seven and haven’t stopped sewing since then. Due to my husband’s new job in 2007 we moved to Guernsey and for the same reason we may be moving to France in a couple of years. I have a degree in Embroidery from the Manchester Metropolitan University and also an MA in Textiles. In Manchester I taught Textiles on a foundation course and also ran an Access to Art course for adults. The move to Guernsey allowed me to give up working and provided the opportunity to focus on developing my own practice.

Drift - part of Wide Horizons IV

Blown - part of 'Metaphors on Aging'

The core theme of my work is texture and surface, strongly influenced by the Japanese aesthetic of Wabi-Sabi.  I’m interested in the relationship between the natural elements and the man-made, such as that resulting from erosion and human use. I experiment with materials and use a variety of media, including photography, print and stitch. Working intuitively, responding to what develops, and reacting to accident and chance to create unique abstract wall hung pieces. I don’t consider myself solely as a quilter I prefer fibre artist if I have to have a name. Thankfully SAQA ‘s wide definition of an art quilt allows me to participate and I’m very grateful for that.

Fragment, detail

Griffonage, detail
The work is often pieced together with parts being added and removed until I'm happy with it. I often work on several pieces at one time moving from one to another each at different stages of development. The artwork evolves over time and can take anything from a week to several months.

Verdigris, detail

I have exhibited nationally and international and have undertaken private commissions.  Most recently my work was included in FiberArt International 2013, ArtQuilt Elements 2014, and Fantastic Fibers 2014 among others. Currently  I have work in ‘ From Lausanne to Beijing’  The 8th  International Fiber Art Biennale in China,  The World of Threads Festival in Canada and  in SAQA‘s ‘Metaphors on Ageing’ and ‘Wide Horizons IV’.
We travel quite a bit between the UK,  Guernsey and France and also fit in other holidays so making can be interrupted by this and so I often have bouts of intense sewing followed by not very much. I also love cats, chocolate and red wine. 
I’m on Twitter @SueHotchkis   I’ve also started on Instragram and Pinterest
I have a facebook artist page
See more of my work on my website


  1. I really love your work. I saw the one for Metaphors on Aging and also the one you had in the Water,Water exhibition. So it is good to see some of the other pieces.
    I hope you can come to FOQ when you move to France!

  2. Looking forward to seeing your next batch of work - based on your latest travel photos? Love the photos of your work - must concentrate on my lack of photographic skills!!

  3. I really like your work and am so glad that SAQA's definition has enabled me to see your work first hand.