Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Grand Gallery of Europe/Middle East’s Contributions to the SAQA Benefit Auction part

Geneviève Attinger (F)

Beyond  obviousness, there are hidden treasures. It’s true for personality,too;  beyond their discretion some people deserve to be known.   I  interpreted  that with this face hidden behind a kind of lace curtain made of paper and video magnetic  tape .
- paper can be torn easily, but paper string is strong
- on this video magnetic tape is a recording, but it's impossible to watch it !!

This quilt will be in section 1 of the Benefit Auction, beginning on Sept. 15 th. Help support SAQA, and build your art quilt collection by bidding often!


  1. This work has so much intrigue. Thank you for telling about the materials you used in the curtain. Fascinating!