Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Grand Gallery of Europe/Middle East's Contributions to the SAQA Benefit Auction 2014

Jette Clover (B)

Fabric and paper are the two materials most familiar to us as part of our everyday surroundings, and they carry with them the traces of previous lives.

The woman in my piece is an anonymous worker from a textile factory in the 19th century, and the fabric is rescued bits and pieces from several discarded  sources. Using her image and recycled fabric makes me feel an intimate association with the many generations of textile makers that came before me and a connection with  women’s work and women’s history.

Detail of  "Pentimento"

This quilt will be up for auction in section 2 of the Benefit Auction, beginning on Sept. 22nd . Help support SAQA, and at the same time build your art quilt collection by bidding often!


  1. Thank you for telling about the image. I like the way you have overlapped it. I agree about finding connections with previous generations of women.

  2. I found this a very striking image and was glad to read the back story to it.