Friday, September 26, 2014

The Grand Gallery of Europe/Middle East's Contributions to the 2014 Benefit Auction

Cécilia Gonzalez (Spain)

It has become a tradition to work in the Benefit Auction with leftovers from other pieces that I love.

I had some hand-dyed silk velvet pieces in deep and bright reeds from a bigger piece "The difference". I began to play with them to find the way to match them together. When I was doing that it seemed to me like a lipstick red chart of colours.
I like silk velvet. The way it changes and you can play quilting it. I like to explore the ways you can change a surface only with quilting. Is for that that I prefer dyed fabrics, especially silk. 
This piece explores the red colour and also the shades can be produced with thread."

This quilt will be up for auction in section 3, starting on September 29.


  1. Great idea to use the leftovers, especially if using silk velvet. With that kind of fabric, even scraps are valuable!
    I wish I could see it in person.

  2. It looks so beautifully tactile.