Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Made in Europe II - Elizabeth MICHELLOD-DUTHEIL


She  collects and dissects any object that suits her inspiration, be it vegetal, manufactured or industrial. She likes to explore new ways of using and combining those materials.
In some of her works, the thread is a guideline and the fabric becomes a support. By accumulating various materials, abstract figures are created that combine into a more complex design, not unlike a bas-relief.
Always searching for new colours, she  uses pasting, superimposition of fabrics and dyeing processes. This is probably one of the many singular aspects of her artwork.
She, also makes great use of photographs. She tries to capture the atmosphere and the emotions of a place, to later transcribe them in her drawings or her textile artwork. This way, her work can be seen as witnesses of nature, life and past times.

Seamless edges with superimposed layers of different fabrics.Quilting machine

Oxidized buttercloth with added pomegranate fruit
Antique cloth dyed with snow.

Old Cloth / Natural Oxidation with Nails and Scrap

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