Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Made in Europe II - Stephanie Crwford

Stephanie Crawford
United Kingdom
Protest at the RCJ  (Made in Europe II)

The idea for this quilt came on the same walk that inspired my Made in Europe 1 piece. 

A friend and I had been to an exhibition at Tate Modern and were walking along The Strand, passing the Royal Courts of Justice.  Memories flooded back of when I worked in family law, before retirement, and would travel from Bristol to the RCJ in London most weeks.  Often, after court, I would leave the building and run into a protest of some kind or huge media attention for someone famous.  I still, occasionally, miss the buzz.

I love the building and the idea to represent it grew in my mind.
I visited again to take photographs.  You never actually see this view as, using artistic licence, I removed some obstacles and made free with the layout in order to achieve the perspective I wanted.

The outlines were drawn in pencil on white cotton and then freely stitched and finally painted.  I added appliqued pieces where appropriate.

White cotton, assorted threads and fabric paint.

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  1. This is a special glimpse of London. I am glad you made it.