Sunday, July 16, 2017

Made in Europe II - Louise Bell

Louise Bell
Sussex Trees

'Sussex Trees' - horse chestnut, oak, hawthorn, elm, ivy, rowan and sycamore leaves with their seeds and berries.

I plan as I pin, a quilt taking shape as I work. I started this one at the top with horse chestnut and oak as they always soar above other trees. I then worked downwards, enjoying the flashes of red berry against the sky blue background. Rain and sun often travel together here, making leaves and berries glossy, giving the landscape  the look of a varnished oil painting.

The leaves are not to scale in relation to each other - hawthorn has small leaves but the contrast with its bright berries magnifies its importance in a treescape.

I used Liberty lawns to frame the work, the colours and tightly packed designs echoing the centre panel. I vermicelli quilted around the motifs, the texture of the quilted linen contrasting with the smooth appliqué.

Machine appliqué, free machine detailing, pieced border. Machine quilted using free embroidery foot and darning setting on domestic Bernina.

Linen ground, cotton appliqué, cotton mix backing and 2oz polyester wadding.

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