Friday, July 14, 2017

Made in Europe II - Geneviève Attinger

Geneviève ATTINGER

Le Piège à Demoiselles_Marinière et Pompon rouge
The « marinière » or striped sweater (a cotton long-armed shirt with horizontal blue and white stripes) and the « bachi » ( a hat with red pompom) are worn by quartermasters and seamen in the French Navy. I reinterpreted this marinière using a white long-armed shirt and blue stripes arranged  in a new way. These seamen's sweaters are  « traps to catch the girls, in french : Piège à Demoiselles » because the seamen are known for making the girls dream because of their characteristic striped garment, their sailor hat with a red pompon, their travel stories, their adventures. Our imagination suggests that they leave a girl friend behind them in each harbour. This work depicts this fantasy.

Portraits: Free motion machine embroidery,narrow compacted strips of jersey ( kept with free motion machine sewing; machine appliqued blue strips of jersey cotton,  knots : sheet bend, machine quilted, machine appliqued

White cotton long armed shirt, blue strips of jersey cotton, cotton, fishing braid, metallic circle


  1. wow! this is a wonderful piece. love the story.

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