Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Made in Europe II - Maryte Collard

Maryte Collard
Song of Linen

Flax has been a traditional Lithuanian fiber for several thousand years.

Lithuanians have given a special place in their folklore and overall perception of the world to this plant, which has accompanied them since ancient times.
Making this quilt I decided to take a look back into my heritage and to use only Lithuanian made linen fabrics. It is not what I usually work with, not the colors I like, but something I grew up with, something that is deeply in my genes and in my blood, and it still sings to me.

For inspiration I drove to the Hill of Crosses, located close by. I saw thousands  of crosses, traditional, and the ones with radiating spikes, that are linked to the sun and to the pagan world tree. I saw colors and textures of a new and aged wood, rusted metal, dirt, covered with dried leaves from the last fall, and sprouts of a new grass coming out. Colors of nature, colors of my country, colors of linen...

This quilt is my tribute to Lithuanian linen.

Machine piecing, domestic machine quilting, hand stitching

Linen, cotton(binding), polyester batting, unbleached linen yarn

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