Friday, October 18, 2013

A member-supported blog

This blog was started just about a year ago, October 21 will be our first anniversary.
It was set up as a member-supported blog. This means that we call upon members of SAQA Europe/Middle East to send in their contributions – i.e. announcements/reports about exhibitions of their work, instances where they were featured in any kind of publication, reports about SAQA-related activities, prizes they might have received. The original guidelines for submission were posted here
Unfortunately, so far contributions have been less numerous than I had hoped (and my hopes were not exactly high when I started this activity). 
However, severe criticism has been voiced that ‘not much is happening on this blog’. And that there is not enough reporting about Great Britain, only the ‘continent’.
Please remember that Uta is maintaining this blog as a moderator only, this is not her personal blog where contents lie in her responsibility alone. She has spent a lot of time during the past three weeks giving this blog more content during the countdown towards the give-away that we are all waiting for. But she will not be able to keep up this pace.

  • Have YOU contributed anything to this blog yet? 
  • Do you have any idea how it might be livened up? 
  • What would you like to read on this blog – and would you be willing to send in contributions? 
  • Are some members from our various countries perhaps willing to act as regular contributors or local correspondents? 
  • Will you remember next time you have an exhibit or are participating in one to send in a short notice for publication on the blog?
  • Are you perhaps planning a get-together of SAQA-members in your country that could be posted on the blog? (The co-reps would be very willing to help you get in contact with people in your country, too.)

Please feel free to make suggestions as to how the topic range on this blog could be altered, and the involvement of our regions’ members increased. Do send your suggestions to the e-mail address given in the submission guidelines, and we will gladly take them into consideration.

This blog lives – when everyone gives!

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  1. I do believe that we get out of something what we put into it. I have been remiss in not trying to contribute more but at the moment have nothing to say that I feel would be of interest. it would certainly interest me if members posted about what they are working on etc, rather like Sandy's recent post.