Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Region Europe/Middle East in Statistics

Do you know your SAQA region in numbers? 

This picture (taken from here) only shows the European part
of the region highlighted in green, SAQA boundaries are
not really those that you can find a map for on the internet.

The newest official count of SAQA members has brought the following results in terms of pure statistics:

The region Europe/Middle East has a total of 218 members.

1 from Finland (plus 1 who has Finland as 2nd country)
1 from Iceland
1 from Saudi Arabia
2 from Ireland
2 from Norway
4 from Denmark
5 from Spain
5 from Sweden
8 from Czech Republic
10 from Belgium
10 from Italy
16 from France
16 from Israel
22 from Germany
23 from Switzerland
27 from Netherlands (plus 2 who have Netherlands as 2nd country)
52 from United Kingdom
the remainder consists of US-members who have countries from our region as 2nd countries.

Who wants to do the calculation as to which country has the highest percentage of SAQA members per capita? I would just guess it is a close tie between Iceland and Israel, but I might be mistaken...

Our regional newsletter is usually sent out in four different languages - English, German, French, Italian. Sorry – we can’t do Dutch, or Hebrew, which would be the next two languages in terms of numbers of members!


  1. Fascinating figures. Thanks both of you Uta and Elisabeth for the hard work you do to encourage such a diverse group.
    Sandy in the UK

  2. Thanks, Sandy. I think it is fun, getting in touch with all these people from other countries, yet connected by a common interest. Just recently it has turned into more work than I had thought it would, but so far I am still enjoying it...

  3. Fascinating statistics! I'm surprised to see how many UK members there are - even if as a percentage is relatively low... Alicia