Sunday, October 27, 2013

Kurochka ryaba 2013 in St. Petersburg, Russia

Barbara Lange (Germany) has sent us the following report:

This October I had the unique pleasure of being invited to exhibit my „Monochrom“ series of quilts along with the mirror-pyramid series in St. Petersburg, at the Kurotschka ryaba festival. This event is still fairly new – only in its 3rd year, so far – but growing.
The venue is an art deco building, home of the artist association of St. Petersburg. Designed to host art exhibitions, the lighting and the whole flair of the hall is the ideal setting for putting quilts with a  large format on display.

Located on the upper gallery, I was a thrilled to see my quilts all in one glance.

Unfortunately, it is pretty much impossible to demostrate the glow-in-the dark effect of the Monochrome series, you will just have to find a chance to see one of the quilts in reality:

Monochrom V at day…
…and at night.(Note by the blog moderator:
Barbara's picture does show the quilting
with self-glowing thread beautifully,
and it is visible when the photo is
opened on my computer, but obviously
blogger doesn't want to let you see it,
I have tried to reload several times...)

 Fortunately, the mirror pyramids give away their “secret” more readily.  This is a picture of “Magnolia with Virtual Chaffer” is taken more from the side:

Viewed at the exact right angle, you will discover a chaffer (or may beetle), which is set together out of reflections from the surrounding area of the pyramid.

Should you consider travelling to St. Petersburg in October, I highly recommend visiting the festival – it offers a unique outlook on eastern quilts and culture. More pictures and a detailed description of the event coming up on!

Barbara  Lange


  1. What a fascinating idea! I hope there will be a chance to see it some time in the future.
    The gallery space is, like you say, ideal for the quilts!
    Sandy in the UK

  2. What a wonderful gallery space.