Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The 2013 Gallery continues.

Sandy Snowden from the UK sent us the following description of her making of the piece that will be sold in the SAQA Benefit Auction at Houston.

A bit of the story:

This piece almost made itself. It was one of those things that you could only make because of several things which I made before and learned from.
Also, a few years ago, I made a few quick sketches of an idea onto old dictionary pages. (This is unusual for me. I don’t often do sketches.) When it came time for the SAQA auction, I thought I might see how to translate the sketch to fabric.

And so fabric with script was the first choice from my stash. Like the words on the paper in my sketch, I placed the script sideways – using it almost like a gentle stripe. I put fusible web on the back of this fabric. I also selected a black fabric to pick up the colour of the words, but also to retain the look of the black pen in my sketch.

A few quick lines again as if making the sketch over. Then a bit of chopping apart and placing pieces back together over the black fabric. All that remained was to fuse it, sandwich the quilt, then stitch round the shapes and bind it!
I have been inspired to develop this style and more pieces have come from it...I call it the Ramshackle series. The various pieces which followed and thoughts about them can be found here, on my blog

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