Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Guest comment: Cindy Grisdela on what it means to her being a member of SAQA

The recent newsletter to regional representatives included a comment by Cindy Grisdela on what it means to her being a member of SAQA. With Cindy's permission, I would like to share this comment on our blog here.

So, You Don't Get Anything Out of SAQA?

I've been reading the recent thread (on the Yahoo list) and trying to stay out of it. But I'm very concerned with the assertion from many that they "don't get anything" out of their SAQA membership.
This list alone is a valuable resource for anyone who chooses to use it to ask questions or get encouragement or support.
  • If you donate a quilt to the SAQA auction, your name and website, if you have one, is up on the SAQA website along with your work for several months. 
  • You have the opportunity to enter many SAQA shows--some juried and some not. 
  • If you make a quilt for the SAQA trunk shows, your work travels all over the country, if not the world. 
  • You have the opportunity to participate in yearly conferences that bring in speakers and offer workshops to advance your career and your art. 
  • You may have the opportunity to participate in parlor meetings or other gatherings, and if there are none currently in your area, you can go on the SAQA website, search for members who live near you and start one. 
  • The website is also a great resource for members and it is in the process of being upgraded. 
  • The SAQA journal appears four times a year and always makes for interesting reading.
These are just the things that come immediately to mind. And all of them happen because of the membership dues we pay.

You only get out of any membership group what you put into it. We have many volunteers who put in countless hours to make sure the organization runs smoothly for the benefit of all of its members. If you don't like the way something is being done, step up and offer to help. I'm sure they can always use more volunteers.
I've recently joined a committee to help organize the next SAQA conference and I'm impressed with the drive and dedication of the others on this one committee. Their concern has always been the membership as a whole, not just one group or another.

My two cents--

Cindy Grisdela


  1. I so agree with what Cindy has said. It is all too easy to expect too much from SAQA without being prepared to give anything back. I really like belonging to the organisation and consider it well worth the annual membership cost.

  2. Besides all of what Cindy said, SAQA members seek each other out at exhibitions and events. I was happy to see so many SAQA members at the recent Carrefour Européen du Patchwork in Sept. Almost any event in the region brings SAQA members together to network--one of the best ways we have of getting our work out there is networking.