Wednesday, October 2, 2013

After the auction is before the auction...

SAQA's annual benefit auction of miniature quilts donated by members has just closed, and raised an impressive amount of ....for the organization. Thank you to all members who have donated, and especially to those who have done so repeatedly already.
I was impressed by SAQA Oceania's special effort at promoting the auction: the Oceania Collection Blog Hop, which was published over an extended period of time on their regional blog. SAQA Oceania is a region with fewer members than Europe/Middle East, yet they have shown an impressive presence at the auction by their number of donations.
Linda Robertus, a Dutch quilter who has moved to Australia, but is still a member of the region Europe/Middle East through her second region, participated in the SAQA Oceania blog hop. Her little quilt "Black and White no. 3" was sold during the first week of the auction.

See her featured on the Oceania blog hop here, and read more about the making of this quilt and the black and white series here.

Have you ever considered donating a mini quilt towards the auction? Then now is the time to start planning. Because on this blog we will be featuring for the first time

The Grand Gallery 
of Europe/Middle East's 
Contributions to the SAQA Benefit Auction

What do you have to do to be a part of this?

When making your quilt, take a few pictures of the process - inspiration, actual process of making, and the final piece, and keep a few notes. When you are finished and sending off your donation to SAQA, at the same time, send this little documentation to the blog's e-mail address given in the submission guidelines, and we will publish this report on the blog. Entries may include your personal website or blog address, so this will be great chance to show your work to a larger public. If you would like to participate, you can send a note ahead of time so we could arrive at an estimate of how many posts we will be having. But you can just send in your post as well, and we will post it as soon as possible.

Let's show a strong presence at and for next year's SAQA's Benefit Auction! Donate in large numbers!

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  1. Hi, I have a piece in the Auction. It will be one of the ones to be sold at the Houston venue.
    I also did one in 2011. It did not sell during the main fundraising, but shortly after from the shop to Iris Karp who owns and manufactures Misty Fuse. She had to be away during the auction but had been hoping mine would still be there for her to purchase when she returned.

    I intend to make a piece for next year's auction.
    Sandy Snowden